First C7 Corvette to a 7-Second Quarter-Mile

November 13th, 2018

Hello, drag racing fans and welcome to the Houston Raceway. This clip brings us the quickest (quarter-mile) C7 Corvette and consequently, Gen V LT powered vehicle on the planet!

If quarter-mile drag racing has a Mecca, it’s the 7-second elapsed time. Everyone dreams of climbing into their own custom-crafted drag racing machine and posting a 7-second pass at nearly 200 MPH. The crew at LMR (Late Model Racecraft) is more than prepared to take the plunge (into the sevens) and etch their names into the annals of history.

At the heart of this World Record Holder is an LME (Late Model Engines) 416 cubic-inch V8 engine (Callie’s crankshaft and connecting rods with Diamond pistons) with a set of CNC ported and polished cylinder heads. The camshaft is an LMR Stage 3. A ProCharger F-1X with an air-to-ice-water intercooler and a ProMeth dual-nozzle methanol injection serve to cram copious amounts of cool, dense air through the intake manifold. A 200-shot of Nitrous Express laughing gas helps to get out of the hole. The LMR crew would like to give credit to a few of their many sponsors, including: American Racing Headers, Menscer Motorsports, WELD Racing, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, ProTorque, RPM, Houston Raceway, Aldo Welds, and Cam Motion.

There are documented passes of 7.74-seconds @ 163.75 MPH and 7.55-seconds @ 184.09 on this video.

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