Street Racing Cowboy Style

April 27th, 2017

This well produced clip documents a night of competitive dig racing on the streets of Dallas/Fort Worth (Mexico, of course).

It’s called Mini Cash Days and the buy-in is $100 per car with a 10-car field. It’s winner take all (actually 80-percent) and the action is single elimination with the losers in each round going back on the trailer.

Lots of great looking street racers showed up for this night of street racing. It’s mostly Chevys and Fords but there is a particularly impressive LSX swapped Datsun 300Z and a couple of Cadillacs – you gotta see this one.

When the night begins with a junkyard looking Fox Body (LS swapped – should’ve figured) gapping a spit-and-polish GT500, you know that almost anything is possible.

It only got crazier from there with several first-round contestants jumping the light. A 900hp GT500 pegged the tachometer off the line and put his controller into limp-in mode. That ended his night of racing.

Round Two started with the 300Z lining up against a red Camaro. Both cars were counting on Chevrolet power and both were nitrous-injected. The Datsun took the stripe first.

Next, the Fox body defeats a sixth-generation Camaro by a narrow margin and the yellow boosted (turbocharged, 5.0-liter) NotBoosted GT has a bye run.

The semi final round had NotBoosted GT driving around the Fox Body and the Datsun completing a bye run.

Law enforcement showed up and broke up the action, momentarily but the competitive spirit did prevail.

In the end, the 300Z proved to be (not just) pretty but also pretty quick as he took home the prize money. I must say that this was an interesting video – from start to finish.

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  1. Extang Tonneau Says:

    That’s one-of-a-kind street racing! Guess it will be more fun and exciting competing with these cowboys.

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