ProCharged Camaro vs. Dodge Charger Hellcat – 50 to 150 Street Hits

June 7th, 2024

It’s on like Donkey-Kong tonight as a pair of brand-loyal street racers prepare to duke it out on the highway. These machines are modified for performance and filled with ethanol-based fuel. These cars are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to roll racing on the streets – of Mexico. The widebody Dodge Charger Hellcat is possibly the most capable sedan ever produced. In factory condition it features a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 that can produce nearly 800hp (on race gas). The Charger seen in this video has been modified with an aftermarket supercharger pulley to increase boost. It has also been Read More

Twin Turbo LS Swapped Mustang vs. Nissan GT-R – Drag Race

June 5th, 2024

The crazies at Hoonigan are at it again. This time, they’re coming from the Texas Motorplex for a Longhorn style This vs That. It’s a contest that cobbles together the best from the U.S. in competition with a monster from the Land of the Rising Sun. This will be a carefully orchestrated series of drag races on a closed course – No Prep style. In lime green is the 2016 Nissan GT-R. An all-wheel drive coupe, the GT-R (known around the world as Godzilla) is powered by a twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 punched out and stroked to 4.1-liters. The turbochargers Read More

Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. C7 Magnuson Corvette Z06 – Street Hits

June 4th, 2024

Tonight, the roll racing action will be from 50 to 150 mph, and it will be on the streets (of Mexico). Each competitor has studiously prepared their respective top-tier high-performance machines in order to win these specific types of races. Both racers will be accompanied by a single passenger. These passengers will undoubtedly be white-knuckling the grab handles (where available). On the right is the 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S. At a base price of more than $200K, the all-wheel drive 911 Turbo S features a twin turbocharged flat 6 engine with an aluminum block and heads. In stock trim, Read More

Old School Muscle – Blown 1941 Studebaker Gasser

June 3rd, 2024

This one is for all the old school gearheads who can remember finding the Amoco station with the “white gas” for their hot rods. These are the guys and gals who know what is meant by a “gasser”. It’s also for the youngbloods who need to know some drag racing history. Made popular during the 1950s and 1960s, the gasser could be recognized by the front suspension that was raised above the stock height. Raising the front suspension was supposed to offset the typical weight distribution issues often encountered under heavy acceleration. The gasser would also have open exhaust that Read More

SXNH8 Twin Turbo Ford F-150 vs. Heads Cam Chevy Camaro LT1 – Street Hits

May 31st, 2024

We are jumping back out there on the interstate (in Mexico) this evening for more roll racing hijinks. Come join the action as two modified machines lock horns in a form of racing that begins where the speed limit ends. Known as SXNH8 (Section Hate), the all-wheel drive Ford F-150 is lowered and outfitted with drag slicks on all four corners. In stock trim, the 5.0-liter V8 under the hood is not going to blow anybody’s skirt up. However, if you bolt on a twin turbo kit with an air-to-air intercooler and all the accoutrement, you’ve got a neck-snapping street Read More

1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Restomod – 755HP Supercharged Monster

May 30th, 2024

The Roadster Shop has done it again. Thanks to Shawn (from Autotopia LA) for bringing us this rolling masterpiece. Let’s join Jeremy Gerber (RS) and our man Shawn for a detailed look at the ins-and-outs of this banging Chevy. First of all, this car is part of the Roadster Shop Survivor Series. In short, that implies that the entire build is more about function than about fit and finish. This is a driver’s car meant to get the job done on a daily basis. First impressions: Yes, that bulge in the hood is custom fabricated sheet metal. The owner requested Read More

Police Cruiser Dominates Street Car Takeover

May 29th, 2024

It’s drag racing season in the Sunshine State and that means 5-0 (Five-Oh) is on the prowl. This time, they are actually on the track – crushing dreams and smoking tires. This Ford Fairmont police car certainly looks intimidating with an athletic stance, fat back tires and a big bulge in the hood. Who knows what’s under there. Barney ain’t hiding today. He’ll be towing the line in the other lane, ready to deliver the smack down in the quarter-mile. The first perpetrator of the day is a Dodge Charger Scatpack. In addition to all the Scatpack goodies, this car Read More

Toyota Supra with Nitrous vs. Hellion Twin Turbo Mustang – 50 to 150 Street Hits

May 28th, 2024

These hyped-up gearheads are taking it back to the streets (of Mexico) for some high-speed roll racing action. We join the festivities already in progress. The 2022 Toyota Supra is a collaboration between Toyota and BWM. It rolls off the assembly line with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine that can produce between 255hp and 382hp. Higher tier stock Supra GR models could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8-seconds and turn the quarter-mile in 12.1-seconds @ 117 mph. The car featured in this video has been upgraded with an open exhaust, full bolt-ons and some degree of weight Read More

Top 10 List – Best V8 Swaps from LS Fest Las Vegas

May 24th, 2024

LS Fest in Las Vegas has something for everyone. There’s drag racing, roll racing, drifting and off-road racing. There are plenty of vehicles to take on every demarcation. This clip focuses on the 10 most impressive LS swaps on the property (as seen by 1320 Video). 10). Is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 with an LS6 6.0-liter V8 from a 2003 Chevy pickup. This guy has drifting on his mind. 9). It’s obvious that the owner of this 1967 front engine Dragster (with a nitrous fed 4.8-liter LS motor) is all about the straight lines. His first pass is a 9.13 Read More

Street Stompin’ – Nitrous C8 Corvette and Twin Turbo Mustang GT vs. BMW M3

May 23rd, 2024

This video documents what happens when a bevy of serious-minded street racers venture south of the border for some roll racing fun. Some are turbocharged, others are supercharged, and some have nitrous. What’s one thing they all have in common? They are in it to win it. The first contest of the evening is between a BMW M3 and a Ford Mustang GT. The Beemer has full bolt-ons and it is tuned to burn E75 fuel. The Ford has a Hellion twin turbo kit and a 10-speed automatic transmission. It looks as though the BMW wins a close one. The Read More