Infiniti vs. GT-R – Street Hits

October 5th, 2019

by: Julianna Baron

So, here’s the sit rep: We have an Infiniti G35 that looks (inside and out) like it just came from the junk yard. The interior (and wiring) is torn up and the exterior looks like it has been in a demolition derby. It is rough.

Thing is, it has undergone an engine upgrade and it has a big turbo strapped to it. Sure, it ain’t the neatest job but it’s getting 1,000hp to the wheels. That’s according to the owner. In an effort to quiet the naysayers, he has called out a modified Nissan R35 GT-R. Unlike the Infiniti, the GT-R is skillfully modified and very squared away.

Since Infiniti is a division of Nissan, this race is basically a contest between a pair of Nissans. The contest of speed will take place on the interstate (of Mexico). It will consist of multiple roll racing hits – of an odd number – with the car who wins the most hits being crowned the winner. Compensatory arrangements are made prior to any racing and competitors hit the street with the cameraman in the passenger seat of the GT-R.

The initial hit begins when the G35 rolls along the passenger side of the GT-R. Immediately the GT-R takes the advantage and hold on for the win, but it is closer than I expected.

The second hit the G35 jumps out front and takes the victory.

Finally, the tie breaker. Who will win the cash? Will the junkyard Infiniti shock the world, or will the Nissan hold on. Check out the video to find out.