1200WHP Ford GT vs 1200WHP Viper – Texas Street Hits

March 1st, 2019

Well, it’s flooding down in Texas – flooding high-end roll racers, that is. Almost time for TX2K19 and it seems that the serious competitors are in town early. The track isn’t available at this hour, but these guys won’t let that stop them. They’re on a mission for street hits so they jump across the southern border into Mexico. Take a gander.

In the first flight, the camera car is a 780whp Supra. The first race is between a 900whp ZR1 Corvette and a 1,000whp (black) Supra. Corvette takes the hit and wins it.

Next up is a 915whp Corvette (camera car) and a 1,000whp Supra. One of several really nice Supra entries on hand. The Supra jumps out quick and takes the win.

Now, we go 3-wide with a (1,000whp) T1 Nissan GT-R, a 1,050whp Supra, and a 1,180whp Supra. The 1,180whp Supra gets the hit and disappears FTW.

Night Vision comes on for the next contest with a pair of ‘Vette entries. The 1,000whp twin turbo C5 Z06 gets the jump and spanks the other Chevy handily.

Finally, we have a 1,187whp Ford GT versus a 1,250whp twin turbo Dodge Viper. This should be entertaining. The GT gets hooked up early and walks away from the Dodge.

A Lamborghini, more Vipers, and more Supras (if you can believe that) make appearances before this one is over. Check it out.

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