Sunshine State Street Showdown

May 25th, 2017

Hello drag racing fans and welcome to sunny North Florida (Mexico) for the Street Mafia Cash Days.

This clip features some of the most capable cars in the Sunshine State in some very competitive street (dig) racing action. To give us all a better understanding of just how competitive these digs are, there are cameras on both ends of the track.

The rules are simple;; don’t jump the light and don’t cross the center line. Other than that it’s run-what-ya-brung, single elimination dig racing with a cash prize going to the top two finishers.

Let’s take a gander!

Round 1

The first race of round-one pits a tricked out Chevy S10 Blazer (big block w/nitrous) against a turbocharged 5.0 Mustang. The Blazer cut the light and stayed in front throughout.

Race two has a 1968 Camaro (small block w/nitrous) lining up against a 707hp Dodge Hellcat with nitrous. Obviously something went wrong for the Mopar and the Camaro gapped him.

We have a Nissan GT-R (full bolt-ons) in the left lane, and a Nitrous, small block Chevy Mazda RX7 in the right lane, for race number three. Godzilla took the hole shot but the RX7 drove around him for the win.

A turbocharged C5 ‘Vette locks horns with a Chrysler 300C (turbo) for race number four. The C5 shakes the tires off and the sedan takes the stripe first.

Next, we have a Cadillac CTS-V racing a Generation 2 Camaro. The Camaro cuts the heck out of the light but shakes the tires and the Caddy wins.

The sixth race of the evening features a supercharged Corvette against a turbocharged Mustang, with the Chevy moving on to round two.

The ensuing rounds are loaded with more of the same brand of ultra-close street racing action from the cars that were fast enough to continue. You don’t want to miss this one.