BMW M8 vs X3M 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

We race a BMW M8 Competition vs a tuned BMW X3M SUV down the 1/4 mile.  

World’s Fastest Shelby GT500 – Street Hits vs. Nissan GT-R, Porsche 991, EVO, and More

Greetings drag and street racing enthusiasts and welcome to another installment from DragTimes. This video features a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that is being billed as the World’s Fastest (quarter mile elapsed time and trap speed). FYI: It’s the orange one. Tonight, he’ll be taking on a bevy of beautiful contenders. There are cars from all round the globe and in various stages of modification (mostly undisclosed). The Audi A3 has undergone a turbo upgrade and a tune. The Nissan 240 and Honda Civic have added turbocharger kits. The Corvette has an upgraded intake manifold. The orange Mustang has Read More

Track Hits – BMW M5 Competition vs Dodge Demon

Alright, forget it all. Everything that you have ever learned about drag racing, roll racing and drifting – throw them out and start over. This video will lay it all to waste anyway. Featured here are the Dodge Demon and the BMW M5 Competition. Everyone knows that the Demon is king of drag racing and that BMW sedans are only good for road racing, right? Wrong! The 2019 BMW M5 Competition is powered by a 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 capable of making 617hp and 553 lb.-ft. of torque (at only 1800 RPM). An all-wheel drivetrain, with a center differential, gives Read More

Havoc 2500WHP Restomod Dodge Challenger

Rides by Kam has taken this 1970 Dodge Challenger and turned it into a work of art. Gone are the unsightly surfaces associated with underhood and undercarriage and uniquely accentuated polymer covers take their place. Even the lines and grooves in the sheet metal have been reproportioned – enhanced if you will – into something that supersedes perfection. Take a look. The engine is a 572 cubic-inch HEMI. It is all-aluminum (block and cylinder heads) with a billet crank, Diamond forged pistons and aluminum connecting rods. Forced air induction is handled with a Procharger F3R blower that is driven directly Read More

2020 Shelby GT500 vs Tesla Model S Performance Ludicrous Drag Race

We race the all new 760HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs the Tesla Model S Performance down the 1/4 mile as well as show the Dragy performance data from the Tesla hitting 0-60 MPH in just 2.4 seconds.  

Trolling the Streets – Twin Turbo Chevy C10

Like a predatory beast, this ordinary appearing Chevrolet C10 trolls the streets of Mexico searching for unsuspecting street racers (two and four wheeled). In true sleeper fashion, this truck looks farm ready. Reality is that this pickup has a race mill under the hood and it’s looking to chalk up another couple of victims. At the heart of this creature is a 7.0-liter Dart (all-aluminum) Racing engine with a Callie’s crankshaft and connecting rods. The wrist pins have been upgraded and the pistons are JE. The cylinder heads are PRC units from Texas Speed and the turbochargers are 88-millimeter. The Read More

Cicio Nissan GT-R – Low 9-Second Pass @ 146 MPH

What’s that they say about the passion of youth? You can’t help but admire the way this kid loves to go down the track. I wonder if he loves it because he’s good at it or if he’s good at it because he loves it? Either way – this child of a pair of racers has been officially stamped as “gifted” after posting a .000 reaction time in his near stock Nissan GT-R. Have a look. 1320 Video caught up with Coy Christmas, Jr. during a Phoenix, Arizona event where he was campaigning his Cicio Performance (750hp) Nissan GT-R in Read More

1966 Chevy Chevelle – 760 WHP

This is a tremendous story. The father wants a classic car in the worst way; after he spots it in a local ad. He begins the negotiation process only to be undercut by another buyer. Little does dad know that his wife and son are working behind the scenes to procure the car – a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle – and build it to his dad’s liking. What you see here is the product of a son’s love. This classic Chevy is powered by a 377 cubic-inch small block (not an LS) with a pair of Turbonetics billet 68-millimeter turbos. The Read More