Leno’s 760HP GT500 Powered 1968 Ford Bronco

Popular television personality and avid car collector Jay Leno has no shortage of impressive automobiles. This particular example is certainly not your typical drag car, but it is interesting and a ton of fun from a street sleeper perspective. Let’s have a closer look at this collaborative effort so beautifully accomplished by Ford Performance, LGE-CTS and the SEMA Garage. First of all, the exterior is absolutely flawless. Jay will likely want to keep this one on the pavement to avoid the nicks and scratches that go along with trekking through the forest. Leno picked out the Ford Blue paint and Read More

Corvette Z06 vs. Nissan GTR – Daytime Street Hits

Begin with a couple of Corvettes, add a Camaro, a Nissan GTR, a Subaru that looks like it just rolled off the set of Mad Max and you have the makings for an entertaining day of racing on the streets (of Mexico). These guys took their cars – in various stages of modification – down south to see who had the rolls to be king of the bakery. Take a look. The rear-wheel drive Corvette Z06 comes stock with a supercharged and direct fuel injected 6.2-liter V8 that can produce 650hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. This top tier Chevy Read More

1500HP Supra Triplets – Street Hits

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue! It seems fitting, that on Independence Day, we have red, white and blue Supras hitting the streets (of Mexico) to display their modification prowess. Prepared by DRAG International, these stunning imports are among some of the finest examples of top tier street machines anywhere. All three cars are running (built) Toyota 2JZ inline 6-cylinder engines. We didn’t get the vitals on the Red Supra but you can assume that they are similar to the White and Blue cars. The White Supra is equipped with a Precision 8685 turbo and a 150hp shot of Read More

Tuned Nissan GT-R vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S – Drag Race

So, which one s best? Japanese or German? These two sports cars represent the best that these two proud countries have to offer. Before all you Porsche purists begin bellyaching, I’ll admit that (in a drag race) the Porsche wins – hands down – if the Nissan is not tuned. Nevertheless, this should prove to be an interesting contest. The 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S is a mid-engine, all-wheel drive coupe that weighs in at 3578-pounds and can blast from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6-seconds. The motor is an all-aluminum (block and cylinder heads) twin turbocharged and intercooled flat-6 Read More

The Kid and Tommy Two Guns – S10 Siblings Take to the Drag Strip

It has been said that blood runs deeper than water. Nowhere is that more apparent than in this drag racing family. With Dad pulling the strings and the boys wrenching and riding, this pair of competitors seem destined for greatness. Let’s head out for a hot summer night at the Marion County International Raceway and see how this shakes out.These brothers are both running Chevy small block-based engine packages. The Kid is getting help from forced air induction via a turbocharger. Tommy has two kits of nitrous lending him a hand. Both these builds are fresh, but the Kid has Read More

Kings of No Prep – New Lutz GTO vs. Fireball Camaro and Death Trap Mustang

Hello drag racing fans! Welcome to big time No Prep action from the stars of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws series. These guys from the 405 have absolutely the baddest Pro Mods on the street or strip. Two out of these three cars are built at a price (each) of more than a half-million U.S. dollars. Big money, big power and big tires – these Kings of No Prep hook up and fly down the eighth mile like a flash. Have a look. First to the line is Jeff Lutz in his brand-new Pontiac GTO. This Big Tire Class dominator is Read More

9-Second Audi TTRS Takes to the Streets

Greetings drag racing fans! Say hello to Fernando and his ultra-aggressive Audi TTRS. This little all-wheel drive coupe has basically the same engine as some of the larger Audi sedans. It’s a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder with a pair of turbochargers. The amazing thing is that it has a stock engine, turbos and transmission – and it runs a 9-second quarter mile. Built by OSTAR Motorsports, Fernando’s TTRS has been treated to UNITRONIC Stage 2 PCM and TCM recalibrations. It is equipped with an 034MOTORSPORTS intake manifold and MILLTEK SPORT resonator-free exhaust downpipe. Forced air induction is kept cool and dense with Read More

Ultimate Porsche Turbo – 2020 991 Turbo S Ride Along  

Amidst a sea of stunning sports cars, the latest Porsche 911 may be the best yet. The 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S (internally designated 992) is a beast of a handcrafted German sports car that can rocket from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5-seconds. However, it isn’t only fast – with huge ceramic brakes, 20-inch wheels (front), 21-inch wheels (rear) and four-wheel steering, the latest version of the Turbo S can stop and handle with the best in the world. The 992 Turbo S is powered by a twin-turbocharged (intercooled) 3.8-liter flat six-cylinder engine. The 992 not only has Read More