1967 Chevrolet C20 Pickup – Twin Turbo LS Swap

This truck has got it all! It has loads of patina, numerous rust spots, assorted dents – even a multi-color paint scheme – but this old pickup ain’t just another pretty face. It’s got a powerful kick that makes this donkey run like a thoroughbred racehorse. It might be kinda’ funky for city-dwellers, but it’s Farm Fresh! Giving this beast life is a 5.3-liter LS motor with a Stage 2 camshaft and upgraded valve springs (stock bottom end). It is running a twin turbo setup with an air-to-air intercooler. Output is estimated to be 650hp at the rear wheels. There Read More

1st new Ford GT down the 1/2 mile vs Dodge Demon

Watch the battle of the opposites with the 840HP monster of the drag strip, Dodge Demon taking on the 645 HPmonster of the road course, the Ford GT, down the Wannagofast 1/2 mile races in Immokalee, FL. Gear we use: https://goo.gl/4AczKS Come race with us at: https://wannagofast.com/   If you’re looking for a GT or Demon head over to duPont Registry!

Hellcat Swapped Ram 1500 vs. McLaren – PR500 Half-Mile

Greetings racing fans and welcome to the premier half-mile racing event on this beautiful place they call Puerto Rico. The contest is simply called the PR500 (for Puerto Rico and 500-meters). The wildest and most capable cars on the island are on hand, the sun is high, and the track is hot. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting competitors. Attracting the most buzz is a Hellcat swapped Ram 1500 pickup. He is running a stock Hellcat setup in a slightly heavier Ram 1500. Should prove to be interesting as he has been challenged by a McLaren 720S. Read More

Classic Nova Sleeper Packs Huge Punch

This is just the kind of car that makes auto mechanics – with big forearms and grease under their nails – giggle like teenage girls. It’s the kind of car that street racers (young and old) desire to build. They talk about building and think about building, but almost never get around to building. Well, feast your eyes upon this: While I was busy thinking about building the ultimate street sleeper; Drew was busy buying it. He found a very ordinary looking 1972 Chevrolet Nova which Kurt Urban Performance has transformed it into something otherworldly and wisely snapped it up. Read More

DragTimes, StreetCarDrags Event

Come out for some Drag Racing and grudge matches!  We will be some roll races as well towards the end of the day!   Powered by Eventbrite

Sketchy Vert – Trans Am Gone Twin Turbo 

Jared and his Sketchy Vert Trans Am have been associated with midwestern street and strip racing for many years. The car was a nitrous V8 with a manual transmission and it was indeed sketchy. Jared is all grown-up and he’s got a brand-new setup in the convertible Poncho. He’s come down to Bradenton, Florida for Cleetus and Cars and I wonder if he knows what he’s gotten into? Check it out. Sketchy centers around a Texas Speed-built 408 cubic-inch LS motor with twin 70-millimeter turbochargers from Huron Speed. The Shop, Inc. is responsible for setting the Pontiac up with the Read More

Nissan GT-R kicks out passenger while racing a Lamborghini Huracan

Watch 4 heads up races between a 650HP modified Nissan GT-R and a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. After losing the first race, the GT-R driver leaves his passenger on the side of the road to drop some weight in an attempt beat the Lambo. Would you do the same?

The Jet – 1027HP Lexus IS300 Street Sleeper Sedan

This is a must see street sleeper sedan that is loaded with up-side. It is a 2003 Lexus IS 300 and it is built to move – it’s for sale, too (see the links below the video). With ice cold a/c, navigation, stereo, and factory leather seating, this sedan is as comfortable as it is shockingly fast. Take a look. First of all, the owner (Jerry) bought this car brand new and immediately (6-miles) brought it over to Toyomoto where Lance treated it to the full treatment. From there, it has been built stronger and faster in stages, until it Read More