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The Gtech Pro is a performance accelerometer for your vehicle that can measure horsepower and torque, the time it takes to accelerate from to 0-60 miles per hour reach 60 feet, 1/8 and 1/4 mile, and how long it takes to brake back down to zero. The Gtech can measure G forces and engine RPMs as well so you can data log and later analyze the vehicles performance.

The G-tech pro does all this using an internal accelerometer system, the similar to the technology used in missile guidance systems.  To install, the Gtech pro is mounted to the windshield with a suction cup similar to that of many radar detectors.

 for sale
G-Tech Pro RR Fanatic Performance Meter PN#502, "IN STOCK READY TO SHIP"

 for sale
G Tech Performance Meter Pro Car Racing Dyno Tesla 0-60 -1/4 Mile G-Force HP

 for sale
G-Tech 502 RR Fanatic Precision Series Vehicle Performance Meter

 for sale
G-TECH Pro 502 Performance Meter G-TECH Pro RR Each

 for sale
G-TECH Pro 455 Shift Light G-TECH Pro EGS Shift Light Module Progressive Each

 for sale
G-TECH/Pro RR Performance Meter NEW retail $299.95

 for sale
G-Tech Pro RR Performance Meter Fanatic Precision Series 502 - Road Race

 for sale
GTECH Pro RR 502 Performance Meter Record Lap Logistics

 for sale
G-Tech 402 Pro EGS with Shift Light

 for sale
NEW G-TECH Pro RR Performance Meter PN# 502

 for sale
g tech pro performance meter

 for sale
Harley G-TECH FX Coil Cover Part # 31802-85 5/86

 for sale
G-TECH Pro TRIVAC EGS Mounting System 457

 for sale
TEIN S9S12-01041 GTech Lowering Springs Front Only

 for sale
Safety Shop Glasses with White Frame and G-Tech Blue Lenses

 for sale

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