Big Block Mini Cooper – 7-Second Screamer

May 18th, 2022

This thing is out of bounds! It’s a 2011 Mini Cooper Clubman with a stock steel body (power windows intact). What’s not stock is the 7-second (quarter-mile) elapsed times that this blue streak cranks out with great regularity. Just look at those big, fat rear tires – this thing is for real! Under the hood is a 565 cubic-inch Dart Racing engine with nitrous. It’s all-aluminum (block and heads) and it can produce nearly 1,000hp. The remainder of the powertrain consists of a 2-speed Powerglide transmission and a (narrowed) Ford 9-inch rear end. The car weighs 2,750-pounds (with the driver) Read More

Cleetus’ Big Block Swapped Crown Vic – Dyno and First Burnout

May 12th, 2022

Cleetus McFarland and his crew at Freedom Garage are known for building some wild rides. None is wilder than the Twisted Tea Ford Crown Victoria. Saying this car has undergone weight reduction treatment is like saying a pig’s behind is pork. This car has been decapitated and stripped down to the bare necessities. As if that weren’t enough, these guys trashed the old modular 4.6-liter engine and replaced it with a massive 632 cubic-inch big block. This is an all-aluminum, dry sump behemoth of a motor that is capable of producing 1,000 naturally aspirated horsepower (on race gas). Running pump Read More

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon vs. Drag Spec Fox Body Mustang – Drag Racing

May 5th, 2022

This clip features a matchup between a high-performance grocery getter and a restomod Mustang. This will be a clash between a supercharged car (with fuel injection) and a carbureted nitrous burner. We’ll see which one comes out on top. The 2012 Caddy is a creation conjured up from two cars. It is powered by a built (forged internals) 6.2-liter supercharged LSA V8 motor. In addition to a built engine, the wagon has been upgraded with a ported blower, an aftermarket intake manifold, an air-to-water intercooler, an LS1 lid and a Corsa performance exhaust system. Maximum output is estimated at 800whp Read More

2000HP Cantu Pickup Dominates Yello Belly Dragstrip

April 28th, 2022

If you’ve never been to Yello Belly Dragstrip, you’re missing the racing experience of a lifetime. With its enclosed two-lane blacktop and covered spectator area, Yello Belly delivers sights and sounds that will linger forever. Adding to the general chaos is legendary starter Limpy on the light, but where else would he be for the Limpy’s Baddest Small Tire in America Race? Featured in this video is the 2000HP twin turbo Chevy S10 of Jason Cantu. Kyle (from 1320 Video) calls this the fastest truck he’s ever filmed so, you know this S10 will fly. The motor is a 500 Read More

Rolling Coal – Crazyhorse 2000HP Turbo Diesel Pickup

April 21st, 2022

Nathan Wheeler brought his 2000HP all-wheel drive Ford F-150 diesel pickup out to Yello Belly Dragstrip in Grand Prairie, Texas for a smoke session. We get to take an up-close look at the truck and see how Nathan handles the competition. Crazyhorse is powered by a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine being force fed copious amounts of air by an 88-millimeter turbocharger. On the inside, this engine abounds with bulletproof aftermarket components. On the outside, the chrome is blinding. The transmission is a Ford 4R. The transfer case and axles are stock, as are the ECM and wiring harness. Crazyhorse will Read More

This vs. That LS Swapped Subaru vs. 600HP Honda Civic Hatch

April 19th, 2022

We have a wild one tonight! Like two angry bumblebees fighting over a ripe honeysuckle, these two modified imports are planning to let it all hang out for the win. In the left lane, we have an LS swapped Subaru. In an effort to realize supreme domination by cubic inches, the factory boxter motor was scrapped for an LS V8 setup. After several V8 options were exhausted, the owner settled on an LS3 7.0-liter all-aluminum engine. He then added a kit of nitrous for good measure. A 6-speed manual transmission and a narrowed Ford 9-inch rear end complete the drivetrain. Read More

SRC Crew Dominates Cincy Street Night No Prep

April 19th, 2022

The Street Racing Channel (SRC) gang were all geared up for Cincy Street Night from Edgewater Motorsports Park in rural Ohio. Brothers Billy and Tommy are campaigning their home-built hellraisers. Billy TH3KID will be in his turbocharged Chevy S10 pickup and Tommy 2Guns will be driving his retro Ford Falcon. BoostedGT is also on hand in his Canary Yellow Mustang, along with a long list of capable street cars. No easy races at this gathering. All the cars are quick. Let’s get started with the SRC guys, who are running first and second off the trailers. Billy draws a mean Read More

LS Swapped Nitrous Mazda vs. Corvettes, BMWs, Street Bikes and More

April 15th, 2022

An itty-bitty rear-wheel drive import body with a big ol’ beefy American V8 is one of my favorite combinations. Add some nitrous and you really have my attention. That’s precisely what we have in this clip. A tiny Mazda Miata has been enhanced with a loud growling GM LS V8 engine. It has been treated to a kit of go-go juice and it’s taking on all comers – in the streets (of Mexico, of course). So, the evening begins with out little Mazda trotting out against a C6 Corvette Z06 with a Magnuson blower upgrade. Much to my chagrin, the Read More

Twin Turbo C8 Corvette vs. GT-Rs, Supras and Mustangs -Street Hits

March 28th, 2022

The new Corvette (C8) is out, and it is better than ever. It is slick and shiny but most importantly, it is lightning fast. So, what happens when this shiny new Corvette gets a pair of twin turbochargers strapped to it? That’s what we are going to find out tonight – on the street. The competition will be impressive. Contenders will include an E40 tuned BMW M3, a fleet of E85 tuned Nissan GT-Rs with a full arsenal of bolt-ons, a turbocharged Chevrolet Silverado with a 5.3-liter engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. There is a Payne tuned Toyota Supra Read More

Supercharger vs. Turbo – Imports and Domestics Hook-Up on the Street

March 18th, 2022

Which form of forced air induction is best? We all know that there’s no short answer to that question (and that doesn’t even deal with nitrous). It all depends on what you have and how well you use it. Regardless, these competitors will be going all-out on the streets tonight to prove their way is best. Let’s check it out. First up, we have a race between a Ford Mustang 5.0 (with a Paxton blower) and a Chevrolexus. A Chevrolexus is an LS (Chevy V8 engine) swapped Lexus IS with a kit of nitrous. Theoretically, this should be a quick Read More