Ferrari 458 Italia on the Dyno

September 16th, 2010

Fabspeed Motorsport has a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia at their shop to begin development of a performance package that will consist of a full exhaust system and ECU flash.    In the gallery below you can see them using a Romer ScanShark 3D scanner to scan the existing exhaust components to assist them in fabricating the new parts.

They put the black Ferrari 458 on their DynoJet to get some baseline power figures and it put down 450 horsepower and 316 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels.    Also performed was a negative spin down test which showed a 22% drivetrain loss putting this 458 at about 550HP, while Ferrari claims 570 horsepower.

We expected 500+ horsepower at the wheels from the Ferrari 458 considering it’s performance numbers and a few races we’ve seen online.   Below you can see a Ferrari 458 running heads up against a Lamborghini 550-2 at an airstrip in Germany that shows the 458 holding it’s own against the Lamborghini which is known to put down 500HP to the wheels.   All cars and dynos are a bit different so we’ll keep an eye out for some additional data to compare these dyno pulls against.

EDIT: Fabspeed reported that the Ferrari F430 puts down 400HP on this same DynoJet.

Take a look at the pictures, video and dyno graph below:

Ferrari 458 Dyno Results