1000HP+ Supercar Shootout – Lamborghini, Tesla, Nissan GT-R and more

June 15th, 2022

Oh, it’s about to get real on the streets of Mexico tonight. These purpose-built roll racers are tuned and topped off with race gas for an evening of high revving roll racing action on the interstate. Import and domestic supercars run amuck in this 1,000HP+ supercar shootout. First up tonight is a RobTuned Nissan GT-R making 1,300hp. This twin turbo all-wheel drive beast is taking on an Audi R8 that has also been outfitted with a twin turbo setup (Dallas Performance). The R8 is claiming 1,400hp. This should be a sweet race. In multiple hits, the GT-R can’t quite match Read More

Billy TH3KID Dominates Pacemaker No Prep – Drag Racing

June 4th, 2022

Despite adverse conditions, including a slippery surface and lighting malfunctions, the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew showed up and showed out during the Pacemaker No Prep in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Older brother, Billy (TH3KID) took his turbo Chevy S-10 pickup all the way to the finals – on the track he’s been coming to since he was 8-years old. Billy opens up Round 1 with precious little rubber on the track. He’s taking on a serious looking Fox Body Mustang. Young Billy takes the holeshot and goes from A to B without incident. SRC for the win. Tommy makes his Read More

Palm Beach International Raceway Closed – Our Final Test and Tune?

April 29th, 2022

We head to Palm Beach International Raceway for the last test and tune before they closed the gates and shutdown. The owners are trying to sell the track to a warehouse developer but the re-zoning needed was denied, temporarily leaving the track in limbo as we wait for the new hearing on September 22, 2022. There is a backup buyer ready to proceed that will keep it a race track, more information visit: https://www.savepalmbeachraceway.com  

Modified Imports Eaten by Tesla Plaid – 3-Wide Street Hits

April 22nd, 2022

This here’s a story that begins with three little piggies (imports) playing on the interstate (of Mexico). They are having a good time romping and racing one another when the big bad wolf shows up. He’s all dressed in Plaid and ready to devour imports two and three at a time. The big ol’ Tesla wolf ain’t huffing and puffing. He’s running dead silent as he cleans up the competition despite having three passengers onboard. What a beast of an all-electric sedan. The first little piggy was a Nissan Nismo 370Z with a turbo added. Beside him (in the initial Read More

Fastest Dodge Charger in the World

March 4th, 2022

Permit me to introduce what is being billed as the World’s Fastest Dodge Charger. I must begin by saying that is not a Hellcat. Instead, we have a larger engine with an aftermarket blower and it’s making plenty of horsepower. Have a look. This is no widebody. It’s a base model Charger. The engine is a billet 7.0-liter (426 cid) HEMI with a Drag Pack blower (custom built and ported by Dustin Whipple). There is also a kit of nitrous (not in use today). The transmission is a TH400 automatic by Proformance. The rear end is also a billet unit. Read More

Insane 1500HP Twin Turbo Chevy Silverado vs. Tesla Plaid – Drag Racing

March 2nd, 2022

Everyone wants a piece of the latest champion of the production car lineup. Surprisingly, this slot is currently being held by an innocuous looking, all-electric, all-wheel drive sedan from North America. Propelled by three electric motors, the Tesla Model S Plaid is capable of producing 1,020hp and accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2-seconds. Typical quarter-mile elapsed times are in the 9-second range. This one is bone stock, including a full interior. Only the front license plate has been removed. Taking on the Plaid today is an insane 2004 Chevrolet Silverado stepside pickup. Like the Tesla, the Read More

This vs That – Tesla Model S Plaid vs 130HP Yamaha Banshee Rail Job

February 22nd, 2022

Today, we have an unorthodox matchup between what is being billed as the World’s Fastest Production Vehicle and what is essentially a souped-up motorcycle engine on a bare frame. The powerful Tesla – which tips the scale at nearly two-and-a-half-tons – will be challenged by the speedy four-wheeler which weighs only 260-pounds. Let’s take a closer look. The Tesla Model S Plaid is powered by a trio of electric motors fed by a series of lithium-ion batteries. The batteries cover the floor pan of the sedan, giving it a low center of gravity, but they are very heavy. Regardless, the Read More

Tesla Model X Plaid 1/4 Mile Testing sets new World Record

February 21st, 2022

We test out the refreshed 1,020 HP Tesla Model X Plaid down the 1/4 mile.

World’s First Tesla Model S Plaid Hub Dyno Pull

February 1st, 2022

Does the Tesla Model S Plaid truly generate 1020HP? The quickest – and most accurate – way to answer that question is with a pull on the dynamometer. This test will be handled by a Canadian firm called Uptown Autosport. The dyno in question is an all-wheel drive Mainline Pro Hub dyno with a capacity of 2200HP. The Tesla Mode S Plaid has been around for approximately one-year. It has been seen whipping tail at dragstrips, airstrips and on the street. With all-wheel drive and instantaneous application of torque, the Plaid is especially proficient at dig racing. It also features Read More

920HP Redeye vs Plaid, Big Tire Vega and Big Block T-Bird – Track Digs

January 26th, 2022

Nothing like an evening at the dragstrip to get the heart rate up. Tonight, we get to ride along as an all-electric Tesla Plaid takes on some menacing machines at Bradenton Motorsports Park (in the Sunshine State). We should be looking at quarter-mile passes in the eight to nine-second range. Let’s drop-in on the action already in progress. The first contest of the evening is between the Tesla Plaid and a sweet looking Big Tire Chevrolet Vega. Unbelievably, the all-wheel drive Tesla takes the hole shot and races to an easy victory with a 9.297 @ 148.51 mph. A matchup Read More