Import vs. Domestic Street Hits – Supra Vette Mustang

December 1st, 2018

What’s better than some roll racing on a crisp fall night in Mexico? How about 3-wide roll racing on a deserted highway? If that don’t light your fire – your wood must be wet.

What we have tonight is a battle royale between a turbocharged Toyota Supra (900 – 950whp), a Procharged C7 Chevrolet Corvette (930whp) from Advanced Modern Performance, a twin turbocharged Ford Mustang (850whp), and a second C7 ‘Vette with full bolt-ons and a kit of nitrous. Mustang is the camera car.

Rolling out first is the pony car against the Toyota. The Mustang takes the hit; pulls ahead and never looks back.

Next up, the Ford gets a piece of the AMP Corvette. This Chevy is the king-o-the-hill tonight. No one else can catch him.

Finally, we’ve got ‘em rolling out 3-wide and chewing up the interstate. It’s pandemonium!

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