Unicorn C6 Corvette – 7-Second Quarter-Mile

March 21st, 2018

Greetings race fans! It’s drag racing time at TX2K18 from Houston, Texas. The sky is overcast on this first day of drag racing and the temperature is ideal for some record breaking runs.

Miller Prep has been skillfully preparing the track for this monumental occasion and the elite contenders are all lined up in the staging lanes. Get ready for a day of drag racing in which 7-second passes are more the norm than the exception.

Notably on hand is the twin turbocharged Unicorn C6 Corvette, the Boostin Performance Red Demon DSM, and Cleetus in the junkyard contraption that he calls Leroy. There were also a ton of Toyota Supra entries on hand, thanks to a brand-new 2JZ Class on the card for this year.

The 1,50ohp Real Street Supra came out strong with a near 6-second pass (7.03-seconds) @ 194.52 mph. You get multiple camera angles of this run and a great opportunity to climb inside for a POV ride-along. If that don’t get you fired up – you’re wood must be wet.

Finally, the C6 Unicorn (yes, there’s more than one Unicorn) ‘Vette. This thing will absolutely blow your mind on the freeway but it has never posted a 7-second pass. That would change today as the ‘Corn posted a 7.95 @ 188.12.

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