Kimbo Nissan GT-R – Six-Second Quarter-Mile

June 4th, 2021

She-maneti! This is one boisterous GT-R! The Kimbo Slice (R.I.P. Brother) Nissan GT-R out of Houston, Texas is on a quest to run a six-second quarter-mile. Problem is that the car seems to be fighting the crew every step of the way. Rest assured, this crew is utilizing every weapon in their arsenal to tame this renegade Nissan and post a six-second quarter-mile.

It was Day 1 and Kimbo started out impressively enough with a 7.19-second run at 207.24 mph. Not too shabby, but these guys are looking to go sixes.

Day 2 offers more of the same with an initial pass of 7.10-seconds @ 210 mph. The frustrated crew is down to trying “one more thing” to get them to that hallowed six-second goal.

As Day 2 turns into Night 2 and temperatures fall, Kimbo comes out of the hole and posts a 7.04-second pass @ 205.57 mph. Still not the goal, but certainly making steps in the right direction.

The track temperature continues to drop and the crew remote sources each individual boost controller to increase psi. Kimbo rolls to the line and blasts out of the hole. Before half-track, he is flailing wildly from side-to-side. Could this be Nirvana? Oh yeah! Everybody get your hands up for a 6.97-second pass @ 206.7 mph. For the crew, euphoria is not a strong enough word. Let the celebration begin. You earned it guys.

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