New GMC Syclone – 10-Second Full-Size Pickup

September 27th, 2019

You gotta love a pickup truck that will absolutely smoke all four tires on a whim. Strictly Performance Motorsports (Kalamazoo, Michigan) has created a one-off GMC Syclone that does exactly that. Let’s have a look.

It all started with a ruddy old mud truck from the hills of Kentucky. When Strictly Performance got hold of this Cowboy Cadillac, it was riding on a set of 33-inch stump jumpers and the undercarriage was caked in a thick sheet of mud. After chiseling the mud off, a big turbocharger was added. Despite having a stock 5.3-liter engine and stock cylinder heads, the truck is capable of producing 708hp and 860 lb.-ft. of torque (17 psi of boost). The automatic transmission and four-wheel drivetrain make coming out of the hole a breeze. A set of 22-inch wheels and performance street tires, a slick black paint scheme and Syclone decals round out the performance aesthetic nicely.

Proving that this Syclone is good for more than a few four-wheel burnouts, the owner hits the track during Holley LS Fest. With no weight reduction measures in place, and with a set of street tires, this full-size floozie proceeds to put up consistent quarter-mile passes in the 10-second range at around 130 mph. Nice truck. Great video.

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  1. Jean Says:

    1991 GMC Syclone was head to head with the Corvette at the time.

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