2JZ Powered S10 Pickup Runs Sixes

April 10th, 2017

At Lights Out 8, down in South Georgia, there was certainly no shortage of S10 pickups .

S10 pickup carcasses are everywhere, so it’s relatively easy to pick up a pickup and throw in an LS small block or even a big block and put down a pretty decent pass on the street or strip.

Well, the owner of the truck featured in this video chose a slightly different path. Maybe there were no LS engines available in his neck of the woods, perhaps he is a V8-hater, or peradventure that he was going for a lightweight theme – I have no idea – but this guy opted for a stock Toyota 2JZ, inline 6-cylinder engine. The only modifications to the engine are larger fuel injectors and a bigger turbocharger and I thas been running for the last four seasons.

This murdered out compact pickup was kicking butt all weekend; making it to the finals in the Open Comp Class and the semi finals in the 6.0-Index Class. The unique little truck consistently makes 6-second passes with the front wheels in the air.

This is a can’t miss video for any drag racing fan!

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