Rolling Coal – 3000HP Dodge Diesel Pickup

May 22nd, 2019

You are looking at a Gary Taylor built truck on a chrome-moly chassis; with a 4-speed Lenco transmission. The engine is a Scheid Diesel Service 391 cubic-inch (diesel) and it is running triple turbos. The first turbocharger is a 92-millimeter and the remaining pair (in the truck bed) are Borg-Warner F1 twins. This crazy contraption makes more than 160 psi of boost and is capable of producing 3,000hp.

This is a true 4-second diesel pickup truck. You’ll see it set a new personal best elapsed time of 4.83-seconds @ 183.4 mph (eighth-mile).

This beast leaves the line like the second coming. It’s like thunder married lightning ang they had triplets. It floods the lane with black coal smoke that wafts through the stands and settles (slightly) on everyone. This is a group of competitors (it’s a team effort) who really leave their mark on the venue and all who attend.

The weather in Indy is not great for this event (rain). The action gets cut short and postponed until the following day. Don’t worry – just a dab of this diesel dream truck will do you. It is a truly unique build that terrorizes the competition and dazzles spectators. Take a look.

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