SH3 GON3 CTS-V Coupe – New Look

April 17th, 2019

This ain’t your grandma’s Caddy! With a ported blower and cylinder heads, upgraded camshaft and exhaust, 1700cc fuel injectors and an ice water intercooler; this luxurious sports coupe is at home on street or strip. There is a set of fat 15-inch slicks on back and skinnies on front. He is also running E85 fuel. Best E.T.? 9.29-seconds @ 146.9 mph.

This video, from TX2K19, features car-owner Beverly and her purple CTS-V in the Street Class and the Heavyweight Class.

Bev demolishes a Mustang in Street before making a Chevy SS sedan pilot cry in Heavyweight. Excellent Round One.

It’s a Gen VI Camaro going to gap city in Street Class, Round Two and an orange CTS-V Sedan leaves early for the DQ in Heavyweight.

Round Three is the Semi Final Round for both classes and Sh3 Gon3 wins them both! On to the Finals. Think she’ll hold on for the dual class wins? Take a look.

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