AWD GMC Syclone – Turbo LS Swap

August 21st, 2019

Is it the Darth Vader paint scheme? Is it the wide stance or the big tires? Could it be gapping Z06s in the half-mile? Maybe it’s the owner, Tom Joy? Tom can be irritating. He has a personalized tag plate – ‘nuff said. Is it the LS swap? Oh, that’s it. It’s the LS swap that makes this the most hated truck on the internet. Dedicated Cyclone (GMC) and Typhoon (Oldmobile) aficionados cringe when they see a guy like Tom yanking the turbocharged V6 in favor of a big V8. Trouble is that even the most rabid Cyclone fan can’t stay mad at Tom after they get a face (and ear) full of the Syclone. Take a look.

Tom is GM all the way: From the 408 cubic-inch stroker motor (stock cylinder heads) to the 12-bolt rear end, the Syclone has remained close to its roots. Intact is the factory all-wheel drive system that has been fortified with a 4L80E automatic transmission. The turbocharger is a massive Turbonetics 91-101 (91-millimeter). This truck has a ton of miles, but it looks, sounds and runs great.

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