Yee-Haw! It’s Uncle Jessie – Twin Turbo 1969 Ford F100

April 19th, 2024

The very mention of Uncle Jessie brings back images of the General Lee Mopar flattening the hills and straightening the curves. Well, this Uncle Jessie Ford F100 ain’t taking any quick curves but he will blister the asphalt in a straight line. Get ready for this rambunctious restomod purpose built for drag racing.

Nothing fancy here. Uncle Jessie is a 1969 Ford F100 with an all-steel body (and glass) on a custom fab chassis.

It’s a different story under the hood. That massive mill is a 585 cubic-inch Ford big block with a pair of 80-millimeter turbochargers. Yep, that’s an ice water intercooler. Even with those gigantic slicks on the rear, Uncle Jessie may be putting down more than this No Prep surface can handle. Let’s see.

With Limpy on the Light, Uncle Jessie gaps a square-body Chevy S10 but gets a bit squirely going through the trap. Already running on wastegate boost, he might need to pull even more power out going into the next round (of Tailgate). It won’t be simple. Hopefully the track gets better.

After an easy run against a daily driver, the semi-finals are next. Keep watching to see what is next in the saga of Uncle Jessie.