Stock C6 Corvette ZR1 vs. Modified BMW M3 – Roll Racing

November 10th, 2022

Up for debate this evening is whether a bone stock 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 can run with a modified 2016 BMW M3 sedan. This issue will be decided on the streets of Mexico under a glorious moonlit sky. The cars? In the right lane is the rear-wheel drive BMW M3 sedan. Under the hood is a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The BMW mill can generate 425hp and 406 lb.-ft. of torque in factory trim. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3-seconds, and it weighs 3,540-pounds. This car has Read More

Street Killers Roll Racing – Big Turbo Supra, Blown Vette and 2JZ Nissan

September 12th, 2022

Oh yeah! It’s on like Donkey Kong on the streets of Mexico. A handful of rowdy street racers have shown up in their modified roll race rockets. They intend to declare war on the limitations of speed and acceleration in a downright vulgar display of power. Take hold of your overall straps Orville, this one is about to get wild. In the first contest of the evening, we have a MKV Supra (Payne tuned with Pure850 turbo) going against a supercharged Corvette with a manual transmission. The Chevy takes the early jump, but the Supra spools up and steals the Read More

Epic Street Shenanigans – BMW M5, GT-R, Corvette, EVO, K20 MR2 and More

September 7th, 2022

Things are about to heat up on the streets of Mexico. Cars from a variety of continents are ready to throwdown in head-to-head roll and dig racing action. Buckle-up, grab ahold and prepare to have some fun! First up is a clash between the “Smurf” BMW M5 and a 630hp Camaro ZL1 (silver). The Beemer has been upgraded with a performance downpipe and a DME E30 tune. Smurf is claiming 700hp. Should be a good race. Not so much. The Camaro misses a shift coming off the jump and the BMW walks away. Next, Smurf is taking on another Camaro. Read More

BMW 340i Owner Claims 1000HP – Calls Out Big Turbo MKV Supra

August 17th, 2022

Tonight, we are taking it to the street for a crazy callout contest between a BMW 340i sedan and a MKV Toyota Supra. The single pass race will be of the roll variety. It will initiate at 40 mph and end at 140 mph. The BMW owner has requested that the Supra run on stock wheels. Wheels are the least of this guy’s problems. So, this cat in the BMW rolls up at the spot with $2k and an attitude. He calls out a modified Supra and claims that his Beemer is capable of making 1000hp. From the get-go, I Read More

700HP BMW M4 vs. 675HP TT Acura NSX – Drag Race

August 16th, 2022

This will be a battle between Japanese and European power. The Acura NSX is the best that Honda has to offer, while the BMW M4 is a mid-tier model for the Bavarian automaker. Let’s get a closer look. The 2017 Acura NSX is an all-wheel drive hybrid vehicle that utilizes a twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 and a trio of electric motors. This combination can produce the equivalent of 575hp and 475 lb.-ft. of torque (in stock condition). The NSX has a 9-speed DCT transmission. Road & Track says that the NSX can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0-seconds Read More

HCI Corvette Z06 vs. Big Turbo MK5 Supra and 900HP GT-R – Street Hits

August 10th, 2022

We are going to the bakery tonight – for some rolls. Roll racing, that is. On the streets of Old Mexico. Enjoy the intense action. The first contest of the night is between a 900whp Nissan GT-R (upgraded turbo with a stock motor) and a Toyota Supra that has been upgraded with a big turbo and all the necessary components to make it legit. That includes a fat intercooler and a performance fuel system (injectors and high-volume pumps). We’re looking at an overhead view as the two cars pull alongside one another at 50 mph. From the jump, the two Read More

2023 Nissan Z-Car vs. Toyota Supra and Mustang Mach 1 – Drag Race

July 14th, 2022

Just how fast is the new Nissan Z? Someone thought the best way to answer that would be by pairing it against a couple of proven powerhouse production models. Here’s a look at the talent that’s hitting the track today and an opportunity for you to pick a winner before the rubber hits the road. From the good old U.S. of A., we have a 2022 Ford Mustang Mach 1. This sultry pony car is well heeled with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The Mustang tips the scale at 3,850-pounds and can generate Read More

Nitrous Pontiac G8 vs. Camaro SS, BMW M3, Turbo Mustang and More – Street Hits

June 21st, 2022

Taking it back to the street – these good ol’ boys (and girls) are getting down on the interstate (in Mexico) – bakery style. There’s roll racing on the agenda for this evening and the competitors are serious about their horsepower. Pin back your ears and hold on tight ‘cause it’s about to get real. Right outta’ the gate, we have a Pontiac G8 sedan with bolt-ons and a kit of nitrous. He’s taking on a Chevy Camaro SS with an all-aluminum 7.0-liter engine. These two competitors go at it hot and heavy for multiple hits. The action is relatively Read More

Battle of 2022 Ford Mustang GT500 vs BMW M4 Competition – Drag and Roll

June 6th, 2022

Two of the baddest production cars of the 2022 model year square off in this video. Both rides are bone stock – including the tires – and they’ll be competing in drag race and roll race scenarios. Shall we get down to it? Rumor has it that someone is about to get embarrassed badly. The Ford tips the scale a bit heavier than the BMW at 4,171-pounds. Making up for the added girth is a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine that can churn out 760hp and 625 lb.-ft. of torque. Like the Beemer, the GT500 utilizes an automatic transmission and rear-wheel Read More

Big Turbo MKV Supra vs. GT-R, Mustang, Camaro and Audi R8

June 1st, 2022

It’s a perfect evening for street racing. These guys are taking it to the interstate (down in Mexico) for some high-level roll racing action. Climb in, buckle up and hold on tight. These cars are built especially for racing and these drivers are busting a gut to get at it. Let’s race! Featured in this clip is a Mark V Toyota Supra. Built in conjunction with BMW, the new Supra is powered by a turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine. This particular specimen has been upgraded with a larger turbo and it has been Payne tuned to burn E50 fuel. Rolling out Read More