Down South Jukin’ – Texas Cash Days

April 17th, 2024

Speaking with an accent akin to my own, the iconic band known as Lynyrd Skynyrd said they were headed “Down South Jukin’ and looking for some peace of mind”. These crazy South Texas gearheads are after anything but peace. It’s pandemonium they seek in the form of a Mini Texas Cash Days (about a dozen cars) on the streets (of Mexico). Shall we investigate further?

Walking past a turbo LS swapped BMW, our initial encounter is with a man in a Silverado pickup. He’s running a 408 cubic-inch V8 motor with aftermarket cylinder heads and a 98-millimeter turbocharger. The automatic transmission is a TH400 and the rear end remains a stock 10-bolt GM. Inside, this guy has full creature comforts, including air condition and audio. This rear-wheel drive Cowboy Cadillac should be good for a few giggles.

“It’s a party”, he says. This old school Chevy K-5 Blazer is riding on a shop-built chassis and running a 438 cubic-inch V8 with a pair of 80-millimeter turbochargers. The combo is good for approximately 1,800hp. At an adjusted weight of 3,400-pounds, this beast should definitely be a party on the asphalt.

The driver’s meeting is next. Not too much posturing, just going over the rules. Oh, and to eliminate any unnecessary confusion, Limpy is on the light.

We have a pair of Foxbody Mustang competitors up in the first race of the evening. Tires squeal and the fur flies as these two Fords engage. It’s an eighth-mile contest for all the marbles.

Enjoy this Texas Cash Days brought to you by 1320 Video.