Real Street Racing – South Georgia Cash Days

August 28th, 2018

Yep, this is South Georgia (Mexico) alright. The dragstrip is no wider than a pig trail. There are more pickups entered in the cash days than cars. There’s a PT Cruiser running a 350hp shot of nitrous and if Colonel Sanders stepped out of the bushes (which are very close to the pavement) with a bucket of chicken, no one would be surprised.

Right off the trailer, we got a heavily modified Nissan 300z against a V8 Chevy S10 pickup. Both racers leave the line clean but the S10 drags the import for the win.

Race two of round one; a tubbed-out Camaro takes on a Chevy 1500 pickup and wins it with more rubber on the ground.

In race three, we have the Death Trap S10 against a junkyard S10. Death Trap has to be the favorite, right – wait a minute – JYD FTW by a bus!

Race four delivers with an Eagle Talon gapping a Camaro like there’s no tomorrow and race five sees the Demon (PT) Cruiser line up against another salvage-style S10. The Mopar has got to win with all that nitrous, right? Wrong! S10 wins it!

Race number six brings us a Mustang, with Olympic plates affixed to the rear bumper, versus a Chevy 1500 pickup. Even with that weight which doth so easily beset, Fox Body FTW.

There’s tons more street racing action on this one and even a visit from the Mayor. Don’t miss it.

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