North vs. South Cash Days – 40 Cars $15K

April 8th, 2024

We join the 1320 crew down in Immokalee, Florida for a Small Tire Cash Days event with an estimated forty competitors for $15K in cash. This will be a No Prep single elimination winner take all contest that pits vehicles from the North against their counterparts from South of the Mason Dixon line. Let’s get it on!

Right outta the gate, we’re looking at a Chevrolet Vega with a turbocharged small block V8. This beast (sponsored by Fuel Tech?) is estimated to make 1,800hp.

BILLYTH3KID (Street Racing Channel) is also on hand. He’s running multiple classes with his twin turbo big block (540 cubic-inch) Nova (Small Tire) and his twin turbo small block Chevy S-10 pickup (Tailgate). The Nova is putting down 2,000hp and the SRC boys are among the most feared competitors on street or strip.

Next up, we’re looking at a Frankenstein of a 1975 Ford Courier pickup. This ratty looking work truck is well equipped with a 6.0-liter LS motor and an 88-millimeter turbo.

Round 1 rolls out and we have Limpy on the light. Problem is that we have a virgin surface with little to no rubber. Looks like a sketchy day of racing. Stay tuned for the fireworks.