Dallas Small Tire Cash Days – Twenty Cars!

May 20th, 2021

Time to cowboy up as twenty serious street racers converge on a stretch of interstate somewhere south of the border for Dallas Small Tire Cash Days. Typical cash days rules include no jumping early and no crossing the center line in front of your opponent. Be first to cross the finish line and you move on to the next round. Do that more times than anyone else and win the day. It’s single elimination, winner take all.

There are gobs of great cars here, starting with a tricked-out Chevy Luv. It has a fuel injected LS motor with a healthy shot of nitrous. Then there’s an SN Mustang with a twin turbo LS. It’s a genuine street beast.

The backdrop is a semi-deserted industrial park. Let’s catch up with the action in the first round as a Nitrous Camaro takes on a turbocharged Fox Body Mustang. This is a super close race with the Camaro winning by a bumper.

Next up is a pull between a twin turbo Chevy Silverado and the DONKEYGAP nitrous Mustang Fox Body. Both cars cut a clean light before DONKEYGAP knocks the tires off and gets mega-squirrelly. He can’t get back online before the Chevy pickup drives around him FTW.

Loads more street racing here. You do not want to miss this one.

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