Cash Days – Longhorns vs. Sooners

July 18th, 2018

Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners harbor a great deal of animosity towards one another. Whether it’s in the rodeo arena or on the football gridiron, inhabitants of the Lone Star State and those of the Sooner State just seem to try harder when they are competing against each other.

Today the competition turns to street racing (in Mexico of course), where fourteen of the baddest street machines in the country have gathered for a single elimination tournament called Cash Days. Seven cars from Texas and another seven from Oklahoma are set to do battle in small tire trim for a $4,500 cash prize and loads of bragging rights.

Round One features a pair of Fox Body Mustangs – one is a turbo, the other has nitrous. When the laughing gas runs out, the turbo car takes the victory.

Race number two pits another pair of Foxes with similar turbo and nitrous respectively. This time the nitrous holds out and the Texan takes the win.

In the third race; a turbo LSX Mustang in the right lane takes on a turbocharged (LSX) S10 pickup in the left lane. After the OK Ford jumps, Shop Truck FTW.

Race four pairs a turbo (LSX) Mustang against a Gen IV Camaro with a big block and nitrous. Chevy knocks the tires off. Mustang FTW.

A turbo (LSX) Mustang and a Chevy 1500 with a turbo LSX line up for race five. After the truck takes the hole shot, the Ford drives around him FTW.

It’s Ford vs. Chevy, big block vs. small block (both nitrous) for race six. Another Fox Body against a Chevy II Nova. Nova got around the Ford at the very end FTW.

Final race of the first round and it’s perfectly fitting that a pair of Fox Body Mustangs with small block Chevy engines(?) are in it. Both cars are running nitrous. Oklahoma FTW.

That’s 5-2 for OK; in case you’re keeping score.

Check out the video for the remaining rounds of great street racing action.


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