Georgia vs. Florida – Cash Days

March 22nd, 2018

Buckle up racing fans; there’s no room for error in this one. These lanes are narrow and there is zero space on either side. Racing will be of the dig variety and it is single elimination. The rules are simple; don’t jump the light and don’t be first to cross the center-line. If you can accomplish those two things and cross the finish line before your opponent, you move on to the next round. After that, just be the last car to win a round (finals) and walk away with a fist full of cash. Easy right?

This contest is a border war between the best street racers from South Georgia and North Florida. These guys (and gals) really don’t care for one another because of a certain NCAA (SEC) rivalry. The attitudes run hot in this part of the country and you can bet that the cars do too. Let’s take a gander.

Round One starts up with a Chevy C1500 Single Cab, short bed pickup against the Deathtrap Chevrolet S10 pickup. The full-size truck is running a Procharger and the S10 has a big block with nitrous. In a close one, Deathtrap takes the win.

Next up Fat Cat, in his Hellcat Challenger, gets spanked by a nitrous burning Fox Body Mustang and the SLO POK Nissan GT-R gets dragged by an early model DSM. The Mitsubishi breaks so neither car advances.

There are a few more rounds as good as this one. Check out all the action for yourself.

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