Lucid Sapphire takes down the Dodge Demon 170 in a 1/4 Mile Drag Race

May 7th, 2024

We race the 1,025 HP Dodge Demon 170 vs the 1,234 HP Lucid Sapphire down the 1/4 mile.

In the world of performance cars, the emergence of the Lucid Sapphire and the Dodge Demon 170 represents a fascinating divergence in automotive philosophy—electric versus internal combustion.

Lucid Sapphire: This car is the epitome of electric luxury, boasting an astonishing 1,234 horsepower. Its sleek design and advanced tech features showcase the pinnacle of modern electric vehicle innovation.

Dodge Demon 170: With 1,025 horsepower, this beast holds true to the raw, exhilarating essence of American muscle cars. It’s designed with one thing in mind: dominating the drag strip.

When these two powerhouses hit the track, the contrast couldn’t be sharper. The Lucid Sapphire, with its instant torque, delivers a smooth, almost silent rush of speed, while the Demon 170 roars to life with a visceral intensity that only a supercharged V8 can provide.

The aesthetic of each car reflects its underlying technology. The Lucid’s minimalist, refined interior is packed with cutting-edge technologies, providing a glimpse into the future of driving. Conversely, the Demon’s interior is a nod to classic muscle, prioritizing performance metrics and robust controls over luxury.

These cars target different enthusiasts: the Lucid Sapphire appeals to those who value innovation, sustainability, and advanced technology. The Dodge Demon 170, meanwhile, is squarely aimed at those who cherish the heart-pounding thrill of traditional automotive power.

Choosing between the Lucid Sapphire and the Dodge Demon 170 doesn’t just come down to preference in performance but also a deeper choice about the future direction of automotive enthusiasm. Whether you lean towards the cutting-edge technology of electric vehicles or the thrilling, unabashed power of muscle cars, both vehicles offer something unique to their admirers.