California Cash Days – 16 Car Shootout

March 11th, 2021

Welcome to the (southern) left coast, where the weather is always sunny and the racing is street. Here in the Golden State, this is how they run Cash Days – 16 cars at a time. Racing is single elimination, and the rules are simple. Don’t leave early. Don’t cross the center line in front of your opponent. Be first across the finish line. That’s it. By the way, it’s winner take all. Have a look.

In the first race, we have a twin turbo Nissan GT-R against a nitrous Pontiac Ventura (Chevy Nova). After an abbreviated burnout, the Pontiac cuts the light like a pro and grabs the early lead. It is short lived however, as the high-powered Nissan drives around him and takes the victory. On to Round Two for Godzilla.

Next up is a battle between an LS swapped turbo Datsun Z Car and a twin turbocharged Fox Body Mustang called Money Train. Both cars cut a clean light and it’s neck-and-neck all the way down the track. In the end, Money Train pulls ahead and takes the win by a half car length.

That’s only a small sample of the street racing on this video. Don’t miss out.

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