Old School Cash Days – Texas vs. Oklahoma

December 30th, 2020

Alright guys, this is the big one. This is the real deal. This is Cash Days. Hope you are prepared for some old school, single elimination, winner take all street (dig) racing action from down south of the border. The best of the best from Texas and Oklahoma are gathered in this video production that features the OGs of street racing folk lore. This will be strictly an eighth-mile, No Prep competition, and you better not jump early or cross the center line. If you do, you are back on the trailer. Other than that – line ‘em up.

First at the line is Boosted in his turbo Ford Mustang against the nitrous infused Chevy El Camino of Flip. Both competitors cut a clean light and come out of the hole violently. Flip gets squirrely and has to pedal his ‘caruck’. Boosted takes the advantage but crosses the center line and draws the DQ. That’s the way it goes. Flip FTW.

Race number two is between Ontonyou in his Gen IV Mustang and Adam in his Gen III Mustang. Minimal drama in this one as Ontonyou outmuscles Adam to the finish line with ease.

The next contest includes a couple of naturally aspirated entries. On the left is Vetteman (strangely enough) in a Mustang and Dynomax in his tricked out G-Body (Chevy Malibu). Your guess is as good as mine on this one. Looks like Vetteman to me.

Now, we have Barefoot Ronnie on the left. He is driving a slick Chevy II Nova. On the right is Butch in his slightly less beautiful Chevy Chevelle. Ronnie knocks the tires off early but regains control before another close finish. You decide the winner.

Loads more action on this one. If you love old school dig racing, this is the clip for you.

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