Upsets Galore – Rocky Mountain Race Week Final Day

June 27th, 2022

This is it! It’s the final day of RMRW and there’s a shootout brewing. With most of the classes already decided, the best-of-the-best were still up in the air. Super-fast rides like Alex Taylor’s ShoeBox Chevy, Cleetus McFarland’s twin turbo El Camino (Mullet) and Jason Hurley’s Meltdown II Firebird were looking for glory. The Index Racing format was thrown out for a No Time Shootout strategy that would pit some of the baddest vehicles in the country in head-to-head competition. It’s going to be pandemonium! First to the starting line was Mullet against the Gen II Camaro of Jim Parkison. Read More

Rocky Mountain Race Week Day 5 – 1,000-Miles In

June 25th, 2022

These tired racers have traversed more than 1,000-miles over the Rocky Mountains in this contest of endurance and speed. These guys – and gals – are getting dialed-in and trophies are being won. Get a load of some of the characters we’ve met along the way. There was “The One and Only” Robert Williams in his 1977 Chevy Nova known as Weapon-X. Robert took home the trophy in the Outlaw Street Class. The we met Jerome Courtney in his Silverado called Strictly Business. Jerome and crew walked away with the Limited Street Class (8.5-second ET) title. His pickup is loaded Read More

Dodge Viper V10 vs. Nissan 350Z Tesla Conversion – Drag Race

June 23rd, 2022

All the indicators say that this is going to be a wild one! We have the imports represented (sort of) by a Nissan 350Z with a Tesla running gear. The domestics are represented by a Dodge Viper. Are you ready for this? The 2006 Nissan 350Z has been retrofitted with a Liberty Walk 370Z body treatment. It looks wildly futuristic. Making the rear wheels spin is a Tesla large drive unit (from a Tesla Model S) in place of the engine. Between the giant lithium-ion batteries and the large drive motor, this thing turns out 468-kilowatts which is the equivalent Read More

Rocky Mountain Race Week – Day One – 7-Second Cars Abound

June 20th, 2022

Another year has flown by and it’s time once again for that drag racing extravaganza known as Rocky Mountain Race Week. If you’re not familiar with this event, check out the rules. Despite being a grueling ordeal, it’s lots of fun and lifelong friendships are formed. Let’s get to the racing! Seems only fitting to start with pretty Alex Taylor in her fast 1955 Chevy. She had that shoebox Chevy in rare form on the first day, posting an impressive run of 7.32-seconds @ 196 mph (before breaking her rear end). With a fresh differential in the Chevy, Alex was Read More

1000HP+ Supercar Shootout – Lamborghini, Tesla, Nissan GT-R and more

June 15th, 2022

Oh, it’s about to get real on the streets of Mexico tonight. These purpose-built roll racers are tuned and topped off with race gas for an evening of high revving roll racing action on the interstate. Import and domestic supercars run amuck in this 1,000HP+ supercar shootout. First up tonight is a RobTuned Nissan GT-R making 1,300hp. This twin turbo all-wheel drive beast is taking on an Audi R8 that has also been outfitted with a twin turbo setup (Dallas Performance). The R8 is claiming 1,400hp. This should be a sweet race. In multiple hits, the GT-R can’t quite match Read More

3300HP Ram Diesel Runs 4-Second Eighth-Mile at Ultimate Callout

June 14th, 2022

Ziegler Diesel Performance (ZDP) was on-hand at the Ultimate Callout Challenge in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They were rolling some serious coal! After running an eighth-mile pass of 4.99-seconds @ 148.51 mph, the Ziegler crew strapped the mighty Ram onto the dyno. With the bleachers and infield positioned safely away from the machinery, the ZDP monster posted an unbelievable 3336hp and 3642 lb.-ft. of torque (at approximately 185 psi of boost). It was quite a moment for everyone in attendance. The ZDP Ram is equipped with a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel, a compound turbo setup and a healthy dose of nitrous. It Read More

Mopar on Mopar – Modified Charger R/T vs. Stock Charger Scat Pack

June 13th, 2022

This video is going to be a little like two brothers in a boxing match. These two (naturally aspirated) Dodge Chargers are very similar in many ways and critically different in others. The respective engines are not the same, and one car has been modified for performance. Have a look. The Charger R/T (Silver) is equipped with a 5.7-liter HEMI. Key modifications include long tube exhaust headers, 3-inch exhaust (with an x-pipe), an intake manifold from a 6.4 motor, an 87-millimeter throttle body, a set of Hellcat fuel injectors and a performance tune. Maximum output is estimated at 390hp to Read More

1964 Dodge Polara Drag but Car vs. Twin Turbo Lambo Huracan – Drag Race

June 9th, 2022

This unlikely matchup (from This vs That) is a serious eye-catcher. Anytime you have a restomod drag car going against a bonafide twin turbo supercar, count me in. These two competitors are itching to get started, but first – let’s have a closer look at the cars. The Mopar is a work of art. From its creamy white paint to its rich, red interior, this thing is a classic. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 440 big block stroked out to 512 cubic-inches. The massive mill is mated to a 727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic transmission. The car hasn’t been Read More

Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. The World – Street Hits Part 2

June 8th, 2022

Not a Hellcat, not a Redeye, not even a Demon, this Dodge Challenger SRT8 owner ain’t letting it get him down. Tonight, he’s riding out loud and proud to do some roll racing on the interstate (of Mexico). Has this naturally aspirated (N/A) HEMI bit off more than he can chew? We are about to find out. The Dodge Challenger SRT8 is often called a poor man’s Hellcat. Under the hood is a N/A 6.4-liter HEMI engine capable of producing 470hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque. This rear-wheel drive Mopar is a heavy load at 4,170-pounds but this guy has Read More

Billy TH3KID Dominates Pacemaker No Prep – Drag Racing

June 4th, 2022

Despite adverse conditions, including a slippery surface and lighting malfunctions, the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew showed up and showed out during the Pacemaker No Prep in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Older brother, Billy (TH3KID) took his turbo Chevy S-10 pickup all the way to the finals – on the track he’s been coming to since he was 8-years old. Billy opens up Round 1 with precious little rubber on the track. He’s taking on a serious looking Fox Body Mustang. Young Billy takes the holeshot and goes from A to B without incident. SRC for the win. Tommy makes his Read More