Turbo Four-Cylinder vs. All-Motor V8 – 60 MPH Street Hits

December 2nd, 2022

Tonight, these brave competitors risk shame, humiliation and hurt feelings as they stroll onto the interstate (in Mexico). Allegedly, the owner of a modified V8 Ford Mustang 5.0 has been overheard talking a load of smack about a certain four-cylinder Mopar/DSM turbo car. True or not, they are about to lay it all on the line in a head-to-head grudge race. It’ll be a rolling start initiated at 60 mph. The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is a bit of a sleeper. In fact, with four doors and an unassuming exhaust note, this grocery getter is almost comatose. Don’t get it twisted, Read More

Dynamic Street Hits – 870WHP Challenger Hellcat vs. 690WHP Corvette Z06

November 26th, 2022

It’s about to get really gritty on the streets (of Mexico) this evening. The flagship of the Mopar lineup is flaring its nostrils and looking to exert dominance over the shining star of the Chevrolet group. This pair of supercharged production muscle cars – modified for performance – will run for all the marbles in a roll racing contest that initiates at 60 mph. Get ready! Equipped with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, the Chevrolet C6 (2005-2013) Corvette Z06 was capable of generating 650hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque in stock condition. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph Read More

Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye vs. Mustang GT – 60 Rolls

November 18th, 2022

It’s about to go down on the streets of Old Mexico tonight. We have a grudge race between a Charger Hellcat Redeye sedan and a Mustang coupe. These two competitors are set to throwdown in a series of roll races initiating at 60 mph. Let’s check out the machines. The Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye is equipped with a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8. Capable of producing an impressive 797hp and 707 lb.-ft. of torque, the stock Charger Hellcat Redeye can blast through the quarter-mile in 10.2-seconds @ 135 mph. It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5-seconds. Read More

Street Racing in Mexico – Audi A8 L vs. Corvette Z06, a Blown Mustang GT and Much More

November 12th, 2022

Tonight, we are taking this show south of the border for some roll racing action. About fifty of our closest friends have gathered to go all out on the asphalt. With imports, domestics, street bikes and even a rail job on-hand, this should be utter pandemonium. First up is a roller between a stock Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (supercharged 6.2-liter V8) and an Audi A8 L (twin turbo 4.0-liter V8) modified with an E85 tune. With the cameraman nestled safely in the Audi, the cars take to the interstate. They pull alongside one another and reach 60 mph. The countdown begins, Read More

Twin Turbo Ford F150 Pickup vs. The World – Street Hits

November 3rd, 2022

Rolling out in a brazen shade of burnt orange, this Ford F-150 resembles a beautiful beast with tusks pointed skyward. This Cowboy Cadillac is determined to whoop-up on some Corvette, Viper, Mustang and Supra tail. Hold on to your hat boys and girls. It’s about to get real. First up is a contest between a 900hp MKIV Supra and a twin turbo Chevy Corvette. The Supra is running a 3.4-liter inline 6-cylinder motor with a 76-millimeter turbo and a 6R80 transmission from a Ford. The controller is a MoTec. Multiple hits here – with split results. Next, the Toyota takes Read More

Insane Street Hits – Camaro ZL1, Corvette Grandsport, Supra, Redeye, GT500 and More

October 14th, 2022

This street racing action is straight-up insane! Does some of the baddest purpose-built roll racing machines in head-to-head, white knuckle roll racing on the highway (in Mexico) interest you? If it does, then you came to right place. First up, we have a 700HP Toyota MK5 Supra rolling out against a Camaro ZL1 loaded with bolt-ons. In multiple hits, the Toyota gets the upper hand on the Chevy. Looks like the Supra driver is trying to keep it close, but the Camaro appears overmatched. Next, a C6 Corvette Grandsport (with upgraded cylinder heads, intake manifold and camshaft) takes on the Read More

SRC Daily Driver Shootout – No Trailer Street Digs for $1600

October 6th, 2022

It’s a “run-whacha-brung” shootout on the streets of Ohio (Mexico) for $1600 and bragging rights. Sponsored by Street Racing Channel (SRC), this should be a competitive event. Thirteen cars are on-hand and the buy-in is $100 each. Spectators are also asked to contribute if possible. The rules are simple: Don’t jump early and don’t cross the center stripe. This is a single elimination event. Be first across the finish line more times than anyone else and you win the prize. A couple of Cadillacs are up first. In the left lane is a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. On the right is Read More

1200HP Twin Turbo Viper vs McLaren 720S and more – Street Hits

October 5th, 2022

This group activity took place in the streets of old Mexico during the wee hours between evening and morning. That doesn’t prevent these competitors from performing at optimum levels. You see, these are prime street racing conditions. Let’s have a look at the machines. The twin turbo Dodge Viper is a bit of a Frankenstein. Garage-built by the owner, this snake has the best of everybody. The engine is built by Late Model Engines (LME) and the sequentially shifted transmission is put together by Calvo Motorsports. The turbo kit if from RSI (Racing Solutions) and features a pair of Precision Read More

SRC Nitrous Fox Body vs HEMI Dodge Challenger – Street Digs

October 3rd, 2022

The Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew have a new toy, and they are pushing the envelope further by the week. With a fresh set of Trick Flow cylinder heads, a new intake manifold and a new carb, the SRC Fox Body is set to take on an out-of-towner. The interloper is driving a HEMI powered Dodge Challenger. The car has a serious reputation for being fast. Guess we’ll see, huh? After stealing a couple of spark plugs from his dad’s lawnmower, Billy (TH3KID) is ready to talk some smack about Mustangs whooping Mopars for generations. True or not, it’s all Read More

Quest for 200 MPH – Mustang GT500 Standing Half-Mile

August 31st, 2022

Palm Beach Dyno has become a leading name in speed – especially as it pertains to forced air induction. Today, we have Ken (from PBD) paying some serious attention to research and development. He will be experimenting with a pair of modified Shelby Mustang GT500s. The venue is the Indiana Half Mile sponsored by SHIFT S3CTOR. The first car, owned by Brandi who will also be taking some turns behind the wheel, is a Mustang GT500 outfitted with a PBD X900S package. The second car is also a Shelby GT500, however it is equipped with the cutting edge CX1600R package Read More