Whipple Camaro ZL1 vs. Twin Turbo F-150 – Texas Street Hits

July 5th, 2024

We are taking it to them Texas streets tonight. It has been said – primarily by Texans – that everything grows bigger down there. How ever you see it; one thing is for sure, roll racing is huge in the part of the state that’s called Mexico. Let’s drop down south and see what jumps off.

First up is a hit between a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 upgraded with a Whipple blower and a twin turbocharged Ford F-150 pickup. Both competitors come out strong before the Ford spools up and squeezes by the Camaro for the win.

Next up is a three-way race between a C6 Chevrolet Z06 (830hp), an 850hp Paxton supercharged Coyote Mustang and a 1,000hp twin turbo S550 Mustang. This is a close contest with the twin turbo car taking the victory.

A 1,000hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat rolls onto the scene for the next race. He will be taking on the 900hp S550 Mustang. This one is neck-and-neck all the way to 160 mph.

Several more races remain on this well produced clip. Multiple camera angles, here.