$50K King of the South No Prep Drag Racing

July 1st, 2024

Even in Shady Corners (North Carolina) it’s hot as a witch’s navel. That ain’t climate change, it’s called summertime down South where No Prep warriors are gathering to do battle. This is the King of the South, and the prize money is posted at $50K. That’ll put some lead in your pencil.

The Patriot Camaro was on hand with his 959 cubic-inch Musi built big block. This beast is loaded with four kits of nitrous, and he’s all wrapped up for the Fourth of July.

We ran into the MMR Mustang. He’s running a billet 351 cubic-inch Coyote motor with a pair of Precision turbochargers. This pony car looks like a contender.

Lyle showed up in a borrowed Barracuda. This fish is packing a blown 541 cubic-inch HEMI with a methanol injection. He’s looking to go fast and win some money.

So, we are down to the final six cars. We have Ryan Mitchell (Camaro) going against the Frankenstein Corvette. Both these cats are running everything but the kitchen sink – boost and nitrous – trying to win this $50K. Frankenstein got Ryan during testing on Friday night, but Ryan ain’t laying down today. This is going to be a good race.

The Silver Bullet 1969 Camaro is capable of making 6,000hp and he’s going against a humble dude in the Capo Nova “bracket car”. The bullet has mechanical issues and can’t make it to the line. Tough break for a good guy.

Finally, we have Mr. Lutz in the Bumblebee Camaro going against Axman in his new Chevy II Nova.

The Semi-Finals are next with three cars remaining (Lutz, Capo and Ryan). It’s anybody’s guess who will win the big bucks.