Trailer Trash LS Malibu Runs 8.90 Quarter-Mile

November 4th, 2015

Trailer Trash LS Malibu Runs 8.90 Quarter-MileBuilding a drag car on a budget ain’t pretty. Building a turbocharged drag car on a budget can get downright ugly. This Malibu may be ugly but the time slips keep getting prettier with each pass. Sure the paint job is a mess, the wheels are mismatched, and the interior is ratty but this Chevy managed to dive down into the eights, putting up an 8.90-second 1/4-mile pass at 150.8 mph.

The engine is a stock Chevrolet 5.3-liter LS with a stock crankshaft and cylinder heads. It does have upgraded connecting rods, wrist pins, and pistons. A Borg Warner 88-millimeter turbocharger provides the forced air induction and a custom fabricated ice water cooler (under the hood) helps to make intake air even denser. Check out the video for yourself. “It ain’t how you look – it’s what you got under the hood.

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