Twin Turbo Corvette – 212 MPH in Eighth-Mile

April 4th, 2017

How about some good old drag racing action, on radial tires, and an 1/8-mile drag strip? That’s three of the things this video yields.

You also get the see Mark Woodruff, in his awesome looking twin turbocharged Corvette, break the radial tire 1/8-mile top speed world record – not once but twice.

Lights Out 8 brings you Radial vs. The World with some of the biggest and baddest names in radial tire drag racing. NovaJoe was on hand in his wild looking GTO; as was Stevie “FAST” Jackson, Barry Mitchell, and Keith Haynes.

Mark and the crew laid down great passes all weekend (world record top speed passes of 212.36 and 212.69) before burning up a piston in the semi-finals. Race over? Not by a long shot – Mark and his loyal crew jumped on the ‘Vette like a rat on a Chee-toh and got her ready for the finals against NovaJoe with seconds to spare.

This bad bowtie is running a 522 cubic-inch Chevrolet big block with a set of semi-hemispherical cylinder heads and a massive set of Precision turbochargers. A Fuel Tech FT500 controller keeps al those ponies running in the same direction (so to speak).

You don’t want to miss this one drag racing fans!

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