World’s Fastest Shelby GT500 – Street Hits vs. Nissan GT-R, Porsche 991, EVO, and More

February 21st, 2020

Greetings drag and street racing enthusiasts and welcome to another installment from DragTimes. This video features a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that is being billed as the World’s Fastest (quarter mile elapsed time and trap speed). FYI: It’s the orange one.

Tonight, he’ll be taking on a bevy of beautiful contenders. There are cars from all round the globe and in various stages of modification (mostly undisclosed). The Audi A3 has undergone a turbo upgrade and a tune. The Nissan 240 and Honda Civic have added turbocharger kits. The Corvette has an upgraded intake manifold. The orange Mustang has supercharger pulley upgrades, a catalytic converter delete kit and an E85 tune from Palm Beach Dyno.

Now, Let’s roll out!

After several rounds of racing, we catch up with the orange car as a white GT-R rolls along side and gives him the call-out. Both cars accelerate violently and lurch forward on the blacktop. They are neck-and-neck until the Nissan breaks the yoke and springs forth into the cool night air. What a night of racing south of the border. Have a look for yourself.

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