World’s Fastest 2018 Mustang – Street Hits

October 25th, 2018

Get in, buckle up, and hold on! It’s time for a great night of roll racing on the streets of Mexico. On hand is a rowdy mix of import and domestic vehicles that have been heavily modified for the sole purpose of street racing.

Right outta the gate, we have a 1,000+hp Nissan GT-R on 36-pounds of boost. Blue Corvette is running an LSx engine with an F1A Procharger. World’s fastest Mustang (with a stock motor and transmission); it has a twin turbo kit built by Aldo Welds at Midnight Performance. It’s tuned by Lund Racing.

The first group begins with the TT Mustang and the Procharged ‘Vette. After a pretty even start, the Ford gets the advantage and holds on throughout. TT Mustang FTW.

Next, the Mustang takes on the GT-R. In dual hits, the Nissan takes the first by a bus, but the Mustang seems to maintain for the win in the second. What? No tie-breaker?

In the third pass, the TT Mustang rolls out against a Corvette ZR1 with cylinder head and camshaft upgrades – hey, where’d he come from? Again, the Chevy is too much for the Mustang in the initial pass, but holds him off to tie it up. No tie-breaker.

There’s tons more roll racing action on this one. Check it out.

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