Supercharged Vette vs. Nissan GT-R – Denver Street Hits

September 28th, 2018

Taking it to the streets of the Mile-High City (Mexico) with a gaggle of four-digit street brawlers is the theme of this clip.

The star the opening scene? One beefed-up Corvette with a Whipple supercharger and a kit (or two) of nitrous. It’s also our camera car for this segment. On the first hit, the C7 takes on a Nissan GT-R with unknown mods. The Chevy is way more than Godzilla can handle. After thumping the GT-R, the ‘Vette takes victories from another C7, a Mustang, and a Hellcat. Just another night at the office for a Whipple Corvette on laughing gas.

Our camera guy climbs on-board a red supercharged C6 Corvette for the next segment. The C6 rolls out against a Grabber Blue Mustang GT350 with a Hellion Twin 55 turbocharger kit (making approximately 850hp) for the next matchup. Multiple hits end up in a split decision and the cameraman swaps to the GT350 for the next jaunt.

Then there’s the split bumper Camaro with the massive blower. This thing looks like a monster! Tons of chrome but nothing out of the hole. Check it out.

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