The Come Up $250K Small Tire No Prep Invitational

November 17th, 2021

This is it! The end-all-to-end-all No Prep gathering of the century. Racers from all over the nation have gathered at Crossville Dragway in beautiful Tennessee for the richest No Prep race in history. A quarter-of-a-million dollars in cold, hard cash is on the line and the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew are on-hand to claim their fair share of the loot.

We join Tommy and Billy as they scout the track surface in an effort to gain a slight advantage over the stiff competition. Looks like the right lane is going to hold the magic on this first day of competition. Cars from as far away as California are in attendance as these guys gear up for the Day 1 festivities. Even legendary flagman Limpy is here. Typical No Prep Drag Racing rules will apply. This is going to be pandemonium!

Round One begins with a pair of Fox Body entries. Both cars cut a clean light and go straight down the track. The ugly car in the left lane takes the win by a half-length.

Race Two is between a slick looking ’55 Chevy and another Fox Body. This time the Mustang (left lane) knocks the tires off coming out of the hole. The big Chevy cuts a clean light and rolls on for the victory.

Race Three is a crazy contest that pits yet another Fox Body against some sort of squirrely Honda. The import gets crossed up coming out of the hole and puts the taillights where the headlights ought to be. Ford FTW.

Gobs more No Prep Drag Racing on this one – and this is only Day One.

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