2010 and Newer – Street Car Cash Days No Prep

October 20th, 2021

This is a genuine street (drag) race open exclusively to vehicles that were manufactured after 2009 (2010 and newer). That excludes vehicles like Fox Body Mustangs and old school muscle cars. With seventeen competitors on hand, we join the action near the end of the driver’s meeting. This is going to be a wild one. Typical No Prep street racing rules apply.

First to the line are a pair of Gen VI Mustangs. In the right lane is the SMP car and in the left lane is the Rockstar 5.0 machine. This is the only first round callout of the evening. Both cars nail the burnout before the Rockstar leaps out of the hole and runs away from the SMP car for the easy victory.

Race number two is between a Chevy Silverado and a Boss Mustang. This time the right lane prevails as the Ford takes the pickup truck to school in a one-sided shellacking.

The next race features a pair of late models – a Ford Mustang on the left and a Chevrolet Camaro on the right. The Camaro launches out of the hole and takes the early advantage before the Mustang drives around him to take the stripe.

Every race is shot in multiple camera angles that seem to put you right in middle of the action. Lots more racing on this one, including an all-wheel drive Honda Civic and a McLaren.

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