Crazy Backward-Track No Prep Showdown

October 21st, 2019

This is CRAZY! All the safety of the track with all the challenges of the street. This No Prep Showdown is the Big End Battle from Muncie Dragway in Albany, Indiana. The Big End Battle turns eighth-mile No Prep drag racing on its head! The start line is moved to the “Big End” of the track; where the finish line would be in a normal race (and vice-versa). Let’s see how this shakes out.

Sixty-four No Prep drag racers are on-hand to do battle from the Big End. Just like on the street – there’s only class and the winner takes all the cash. Unless they work out a deal to split the pot and race for fun. I would rather see them race to the bitter end.

Rules are simple. Don’t jump the light. Don’t cross the center (grass). Be the first to cross the finish line and you move on to the next round. Violate and put your bucket of bolts back on the trailer. Let’s get it started.

Some of the more interesting entries from this event include an LS turbo swapped Mazda RX-7, a turbo LS Fox Body, a 2JZ turbo powered Fox Body and an SRT4 loaded Toyota MR-2. This is a wild one.

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