No Prep Drags Featuring Billy the Kid (SRC) vs Turbo John

March 10th, 2021

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to Thaw Out 2021 No Prep from Darlington Raceway in Hartsville, South Carolina. This is a “pour your own puddle” race with a flashlight start. It’s single elimination and if you cross the center line – or jump the light early, you’re out. Classes include Small Tire ($20K pot) and Big Tire ($10K pot).

So, Turbo John (in the brown Fox Body Mustang) has been stalking Billy the Kid and his lightning-quick turbo/nitrous Chevy S10 pickup. The Kid is the thoroughbred of the SRC (Street Racing Channel) team. Ideally, John would’ve rather faced Billy in the finals but drew him in the early rounds instead. Oh well, you pay your money, and you take your chances.

Finally, these two respectful competitors line up and get their burnouts out of the way. Turbo John is on the left and Billy is in the right lane. With cat-like reflexes, Billy cuts the light a split second ahead of Turbo John. Both cars go from A to B without incident and make a good showing for themselves. In the end, the SRC team takes the victory by a narrow margin.

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