Big Tire No Prep – New York Street Outlaws

April 17th, 2021

Despite not being known as a hot bed for No Prep Drag Racing, the New York State area put on a pretty good show from South Mountain Raceway (Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania). Some real heavy hitters showed up for the eighth-mile event, including Swamp Thing and White Zombie  – all the way from the bogs of Mississippi.

The venue is an eighth-mile stretch of blacktop. As the name implies, the track is not prepped, and track conditions are purposely meant to resemble those of a street race. No timers and no tree are used. Just a flag man and a spotter on the finish line. Video recording devices are used for replay purposes only.

In the first clash of this Big Tire Class, we have Ford Mustang (near lane) against a Chevrolet S10 Pickup. This proves to be an anticlimactic undertaking as both competitors appear to miss the light and amble down the track at less than half speed.

Next up are two of the bug boys. White Zombie (sister of Swamp Thing) is in the far lane and he’s taking on another nitrous car. It is a pretty orange 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Both cars cut the light with violence. The Zombie breaks traction and comes unglued. He dips back and forth violently; just avoiding a spinout. The car leaves the pavement, but some great driving prevents him from tagging the wall. Bel Air for the win.

After a brief track cleanup, the racing resumes. Check out all the action for yourself.

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