Operation Octane – Big Tire – No Prep Eighth-Mile

August 31st, 2016

Operation Octane - Big Tire - No Prep Eighth-MileThis is 1/8-mile No Prep drag racing from the pits of Kansas Speedway. We do the same thing every Friday night in Atlanta at Atlanta Motor Speedway (but it’s called Friday Night Drags) and it’s a ton of fun for the whole family. Nevertheless, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a field like this turn up to drag race across the pits of a circle track. This is an awesome (heavy on Chevy) field of Big Tire competitors.

As expected, the track is horrendous. Cars that would normally get down a prepped track with no problems, have a terrible time making a pass on this raw track. No Prep is, after all, aimed at duplicating street racing conditions as closely as possible.

The video starts out in the pits, where you feel like you are walking among mind-blowing Big Tire monsters. On hand, you have such infamous names as the GudFar blown Impala and the Honey Badger Chevy II. Unlike street racing, there is no smack talking and posturing, oh well. The racing action begins with a ’69 Camaro (huge blower) and an Opel locking horns. You can tell right out of the gate that the track is going to be an issue because the Camaro driver comes dangerously close to cruising through the opposite lane, despite all he can do. That’s typical No Prep racing. There’s loads of racing action in this one and some more very close calls. Take a look!

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