The Janitor ’68 No Prep Camaro

March 25th, 2016

The Janitor ’68 No Prep CamaroThe ‘Janitor’ is an awesome looking 1968 Camaro that has undergone some upgrades for the upcoming season. The nitrous oxide injection system is out and a massive 106-millimeter turbocharger has been added instead. The worn out old small block is on the scrap heap and a fresh (Torrez Performance built) 406-cubic-inch mill with 23-degree cylinder heads has taken its place.

This is a No Prep event and the Janitor is running in the small tire class. With only 15-pounds of boost applied this muscle car pulled the front up nicely and got through the 1320 in fine fashion. I am anxious to see how this car runs on a prepped track with a skosh more boost applied.

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