3,200HP No Prep TT-Camaro

June 16th, 2015

3200-HP-Turbo-Camaro-–-Hell-YeahNo timers and no tree, just two competitors and their cars and 1320-feet of straight and flat blacktop – that is No Prep racing in a nutshell. Typical No Prep racers don’t roll out of the box with twin-turbochargers and 3,200 horsepower, though. Nevertheless, here is a clip that shows a monstrous 1986 Chevrolet Camaro that meets those qualifications. He wins grudge match after grudge match. Then he wins the final in the “Big-Tire Class”.

It takes an experienced driver and a good crew to successfully campaign a car with this much power in a no prep event like this. Judging by the setup under the hood of this bad bowtie, it would appear that it has been detuned considerably. The 622-cubic-inch big-block engine and massive set of 98-millimeter turbochargers make a beautiful sound. You have got to hear it!

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