Turbocharged Camaro Tears Up No Prep Event

October 5th, 2015

Turbocharged Camaro Tears Up No Prep EventTimers? We don’t need no stinking timers! We don’t need no stinking trees and we ain’t worried about no trap speed. That seems to be the attitude of racers in the style of drag racing known as “no prep.” No prep racers line up and come out of the hole using a human starter and there are no elapsed times; it’s is as simple as win or lose in classic heads-up style dig racing. However, there are classes and the turbocharged Camaro in this video is campaigning in the “drag radial” class.

This red Bowtie is amply equipped with a 6.0-liter LQ9 engine with LSA cylinder heads, a Holley Hi Ram intake, Holley fuel injection, and a 91-millimeter Precision turbocharger. These are some really close races against some impressive competition but the Camaro comes out on top. Check it out for yourself.

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