Twin Turbo 7-Second Camaro ZL1

September 23rd, 2015

Twin Turbo 7-Second Camaro ZL1 01You have likely heard of Larry Larson. Larry is the guy who campaigned the S-10 Pickup, during the Super Car Nationals 2014, dipping down into the 5s in the process. Well, he has turned his attention to a 2015 Camaro ZL1. Now, this bad Bowtie is winning classes and whipping as*es all over the mid-west.

Under the hood, Larry has implanted a 540-cubic-inch billet aluminum big block CFE Racing engine with a Callie’s Magnum crankshaft, Oliver billet connecting rods, and Diamond 9:1 flat-top pistons. The cylinder heads are BMF with 405cc intake ports, 2.325 intake valves and 1.880 exhaust valves. A custom ground solid lifter thumpstick (with lifters by Jesel) actuates the valvetrain. A pair of Precision Gen 1 (88mm) turbos with Precision 66mm wastegates and a Larson air-to-water intercooler help to give this ride the extra edge that will allow the crew to continue shaving seconds off the 1/4-mile time in the months to come.

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