1,200-Mile Road Trip in a 6-Second Street Beast

July 15th, 2015

1200 Mile Road Trip in a 6 Second Street BeastIn what must be the equivalent of the ultimate Iron-Man competition for an elite class street racer, three drivers recently set out to conquer Rocky Mountain Race Week. This 1,200-mile test of speed and endurance rolls through the Rockies and in to Pueblo, Colorado, then they trek to Great Bend, Kansas, before heading to Kearney, Nebraska, after that they make a u-turn and the journey culminates back in Denver, Colorado. For each step of the journey, there is a full day of heads up dig racing. For at least three individual drivers, this entire trip is taken in a bad-axe, twin-turbocharged, tubbed-out, street racer (often with a cargo trailer in tow!).

Check out the aforementioned three street racers in this video. Larry Larson pulls off a self proclaimed “Get down run” of 6.72-seconds at 227 mph in his TT Chevy S10 ProMod. Tom Bailey lays down a 6.64-second pass at 222 mph in his twin turbo Camaro ProMod and Doug Cline puts up an impressive 6.87-second effort in his steel bodied TT Camaro, hitting 216 mph in the process.

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