2000HP 1955 Chevy – Big Tire No Prep Racer

August 12th, 2016

2000HP 1955 Chevy - Big Tire No Prep RacerThis bad looking 1955 Chevrolet must truly strike fear into opposing cars because they just seem to lay down and die on the line. It is a pretty impressive looking hot rod but – darn it, guys – you gotta man up and give it all you got. Honestly, it don’t believe that it is fear. More than likely, it’s the stress and strain of sudden, maximum acceleration combined with the rigors of tremendous trap speeds followed by panic stops.

This little red ’55 Chevrolet is packing a 2,000hp punch from a 632 cubic-inch big block and a 3-shot nitrous setup. It seems to have the best of everything, skillfully assembled.

The first round finds the Chevy lining up against (of all things) a Studebaker with a blower as big as a house sticking out of the hood. The Studie makes it through the bleach box and stalls at the starting line. If it’s never happened to you, be glad because nothing on earth is more frustrating. Round two brings an impressive looking Camaro, which the shoe box Chevy dispatches with confidence. Well, we made it to round three and there’s a beautiful Brandywine 1969 Camaro lining up in the right lane but does he have the stuff? Nope, the ’55 puts him away easily. In the finals, we have Helleanor, a Mustang with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, Helleanor breaks at the starting line and the ’55 2.0 takes the title uncontested.

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